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Information required prior to a clinic appointment.
Cat veterinary clinic services Bristol
  Cleracres Cattery
25 Woollard Lane
BS14 0QT

Tel: 01275 833 049


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Cattery Opening Times

Summer (1st April - 31st October)
Mon-Sat 10am-12.30pm | 2pm-5pm
Closed for lunch 12.30-2pm daily
Tuesday 10am-12 noon
Sunday 10am-12 noon

Winter (1st November - 31st March)
As above, but closing at 4pm.

The cattery is closed on all public & bank holidays.



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  Clinic: Veterinary Treatment Induction Questionnaire

If you wish your cat to be treated at the clinic during their stay please complete and submit the form below. This information is required before your cat can be seen by one of the clinic vets.

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  You & your cat's details



Your name:    
Cat's name:   
Cat's age:   
 Male  Female
 Yes  No
Your regular vet's name/practice:   
Vet's contact tel:   
We must contact your regular vet if we are to give your cat any treatment at all.

  Your cat's lifestyle


Where does your cat live?    
100% indoors
100% outdoors
Mix of both
What does your cat eat?    
Food type:   
 Wet  Dry  Both
How much?   
How often?    
Once daily
Twice daily
Three or more
Food left down all day
What treats or titbits do you give your cat?   

How much?:

How often?:
Does your cat hunt?    
Yes, I get presents!
Don't know
Does your cat like playing?    
Yes   No
If yes, how long at a time?:

If yes, how often?:
Do you spend time grooming your cat? 
 Yes  No, not needed  No, cat doesn't like it
How would you describe your cat's disposition?    

E.g. Playful/active, quiet, affectionate, aloof, noisy:



  Your cat's health


When did your cat last have a booster vaccination?    
When did your cat last have a flea treatment?    
  What product was used?
When did your cat last have a worm treatment?    
  What product was used?
Has your cat seen a vet for anything other than routine vaccinations in the last 6 months?    

If so, please describe the issue
Has your cat been diagnosed with any long-term health issues?    

If so, please describe
Is your cat on any medication?    

If so, please provide name/s and doses
Is there anything you would particularly like us to check while your cat is with us?    

Please describe



  Attitude & behaviour

  Please describe any changes to your cat's normal attitude or behaviour.

Movement - any changes in willingness or ability to move around?    

Please describe
More than normal
Less than normal
More than normal
Less than normal
Miaowing more than normal
Miaowing a little
Not vocal at all
Faeces/motions:  Normal   Abnormal

Urination:  Normal   Abnormal

If abnormal, please describe:

Other areas of concern?    

e.g. coughing, sneezing, difficulty breathing, vomiting, scratching. Please describe


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